GAZA STRIP, the World’s deadliest place, a Graveyard for Children,
says the United Nations

The Butterfly Souls project is conceived by South African initiative, 2 Suns Shamsaan to remember and honour children martyred in Palestine through creative action. With a wide range of partners, workshops promote positive youth engagement, educate, empower and advocate for Palestinian children.

Butterfly Souls… South African Ubuntu in Action: Inspiring Humanity Through a Shared Connection

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Ubuntu is a Southern African philosophy that embodies interconnectedness and shared humanity that speaks to the idea that our individual well-being is inextricably linked to the well-being of others and that our actions impact the collective. In responding to the on-going horrors of war, thousands of children killed and maimed with thousands more facing the grim reality of losing their entire world, compassion, empathy, and unity in purpose in recognising our shared responsibility for one another’s well-being, is essential.

South Africans and everyone across the world, especially children are invited to create personalised butterflies in dedication to each of the Palestinian children that have been killed. Let us take action and respond positively to the call by Palestinians to ensure that they do not remain unnamed and rendered as statistical numbers in political discourse. KNOW THEIR NAMES: Amplify the voices of children that have forever been silenced, remember and honour them while supporting the living.

Why Butterflies and what do they symbolise?

Butterflies are effortlessly beautiful and their short life span underscores the fleeting, delicacy of life much like the children of Gaza. In African and other traditions, a butterfly represents the soul on spiritual journey and encourages self-reflection. Create a butterfly effect while connect with the beautiful Butterfly Souls of the Children of Palestine.