Join the Butterfly Souls movement to make butterflies to remember the children killed in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem and to advocate for an end to violence against children.

Choose a child
to memorialise
Check the list and select a child you are making a butterfly in memory of. Select from the Children of Gaza and Across Occupied Palestinian Territory Lists for names of children that have lost their lives.
Create your
Design your unique, personalised butterfly and feel free to get creative with materials; build in 3d using origami, upcycled materials, you can sculpt, mosaic, draw, paint, use graphic, colourful patterning, realistic designs or glittery, winged fantasy butterflies in African beadwork and/or Palestinian traditional inspiration. *There are butterfly design sheets to colour in, templates, stencils and a gallery of butterfly pictures if you need help with some ideas. (some tutorials and design/artwork is available to upload)
Your Dedication
Write the name and age of the Palestinian child you choose to dedicate your butterfly to (it can be the first name only and doesn’t have to be the full name). You can also include a personal message and your own name and age, it’s all up to you!
Take pictures of your
butterflies and Share
Take photos of your butterfly, upload the image and share widely on social media. Feel free to tag us on Facebook and Instagram

Let us work together to honour the thousands of children killed and let us ensure that they are remembered.

Templates and Consent Form